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A Great Way to

by Karen Irvine

Charcuterie is a culinary art that revolves around the preparation, arrangement, and presentation of a delectable assortment of cured meats, cheeses, fruits, nuts, bread, and other accompaniments. It’s a celebration of flavors, textures, and aesthetics creating a visually appealing and delicious spread and has become a global culinary phenomenon.  Let’s face it – it makes us classy.

Various types of charcuterie boards cater to diverse palates - meat-centric, cheese-focused, vegetarian and sweet (a modern twist that adds desserts to the mix for a delightful finish).

Charcuterie is the perfect snack board with something for everyone! It has evolved into a creative outlet for food enthusiasts to experiment with flavors, textures, and presentations, making it a sensory experience that brings people together to savor and share. It’s the perfect option for a picnic!


You can either create a board yourself, or purchase one already prepared by local shops. Either option is great. It really depends on how creative you are! Locally, there are many great places to purchase a premade board.

ONE FINE FOOD, Peterborough
Our One Fine Food Charcuterie boards feature a selection of only the finest imported and local cured meat, Italian Salami, cheese, olives, sweet and savoury preserves, fresh fruit, nuts and crackers. Their Charcuterie is perfectly curated in a ready to serve wood board!

With their very own in-house Deli, Market and Bakery be assured that your board is prepared fresh using only the finest of ingredients. Their Cheesemonger prepares each board, selecting inspired combinations that offer a unique taste experience with every board.

One Fine Food offer both small and large boards that serves 6-8 and 10 and up! Of course, you can customize your board to showcase your favourites and they can accommodate any food restrictions you or your guest may have, including gluten free.

For the Foodie who wants to impress, visit their Bakery for our fresh daily focaccia bread and sourdough baguette that are the perfect accompaniment to your Charcuterie.

Get inspired in their Market! Choose from an impressive selection of balsamic vinegar, glaze, balsamic caviar and infused olive oil to create the perfect dippers for your focaccia. Mangia!


Charcuterie is one of those words that until recently most of us not only didn’t know what it was but a lot of us couldn’t even pronounce it. Now it is the focal point of many a get together but few know the true origins.

Charcuterie is a French term for the culinary art of the preparation of cured meats specifically pork. This would mean fermenting, salting, smoking, curing and drying pork to create salamis, prosciutto, pates ect. Often this is accompanied by cheese, cornichon, olives, baguette and mustard.

Today charcuterie has expended to a broader range of meats and an equal number of cheeses, nuts, fruit and even chocolate. Pretty much anything goes that’s snacky on todays charcuterie boards even
vegan cheese offerings.

At the Grape and Wedge, you will find a generous selection of these unique meats from around the world such as hand carved Jamon from Spain or Saucisson from Ontario and France. The store proudly features a large variety of delicious cheeses for every palate, pickled products like Kimchi Brussel sprouts, olives, crackers and compotes for cheese blended with wines, liquors and herbs. Not only can we provide you with the opportunity to sample some of these quality items but Lonnie is always willing to offer a little education on the origins of many of her products and even wine and beer pairing suggestions.

The Grape and Wedge features a large selection of locally crafted wooden charcuterie and wine flight tasting boards and can personalize your charcuterie board for everyone’s tastes and dietary needs. We love the Art of Charcuterie!

Yes, chocolate can provide a welcome and delicious contrast to other elements of a charcuterie board.  Angela Roest, the owner, has led cheese and chocolate pairings classes and the participants were surprised and impressed by how the flavours complemented each other. She says, “Because of chocolate’s intensity, I find that harder, aged cheeses (such as aged cheddar, gouda, parmesan) tend to pair better with chocolate than younger, softer ones. But taste is profoundly subjective, so this might not be everyone’s experience.

I chose these particular chocolates because of the unique flavours that will complement a savoury charcuterie selection.
Deeply Seedy - with 6 different seeds, including a house-made toasted black sesame seed paste, this bar is full of texture.  The seeds impart a nutty flavour that would be amazing paired with dried fruits and cheeses.
Dark & Salty - a simple and classic combination that is already a savoury-sweet pairing in itself. Plus, its flavour is uncomplicated, lending itself to being a great accompaniment for fresh fruit.
Blackcurrant - this one is on the tart side and would be a great match for a port-infused stilton, blue cheese and cured meats.
Picante - dark chocolate with a kick to add a little fiery sweetness to the board.
Tarragon & Toffee - with the gentle ainise-like flavour of tarragon and the crunch of butter toffee, this would be my go-to bar if you are pairing it with goat or sheep’s milk cheeses.
Rose & White Pepper - I originally created this flavour as one to pair with wine, and yes, it would also be ideal on a charcuterie board.”

Enjoy a charcuterie board with their fresh cheeses and charcuterie meats paired with the best artisan Ontario wines and craft beer, available for dine in or take out.  And check out their cocktail corner featuring glassware, wine wands, sugar rimmer, bitters, cocktail glitter, and much more!

All epic charcuterie boards have some bread. Sticklings Bakery have everything you need – from their Soft Biscotti - Basler “Leckerli” Honey Slices to their Sourdough Dark, Light and mixed Rye Bread. Throw in some bio-sunflax bread and you are all set!

EMPIRE CHEESE, Campbellford
Empire Cheese is owned by local dairy farmers who vote in a Board of Directors to run the factory.

At Empire, the cheese is made in the traditional way in open-style vats which, in our opinion, gives the cheese and curd a better flavour. They use no additives to boost production and there are no flavours added to our Cheddar. It is all-natual, with no preservatives added.

There are many cheeses to choose from, and all of them will enhance your charcuterie board beautifully!

Kawartha Country Wines have made-in-house jellies, preserves, sauces and vinegars. Along with these excellent products, we can’t forget the wine!  

Not only do they have many different wines, but their ciders and coolers are light and compliment any charcuterie board!

I’m feeling a Fall picnic coming on!

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