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Karen Irvine started the food tours in 2018, and rocked it until Covid hit. The food tour was conceived as a fun project, and evolved into the most fun 'job' she has ever had!  It's amazing how many people who live here don't know the history of why Peterborough has become what it is today! It is on hiatus for now, but will start up again in the near future! The idea of a Lifestyle Magazine started late 2018 as a vehicle to showcase the Kawarthas as a Food Destination.  As we are sure you know, it has evolved into so much more!


We have THE best journalists writing for us!


Chef Brian Henry, owns Angle Iron Kitchen in Lakefield and The Spice Co. Did you know Chef Brian was a Dead Head? He bought a bus and followed the Grateful Dead selling pizzas?

We are blessed to have internationally published wine, spirits, food spas, golf and travel writer Margaret Swaine. She has won man
y awards, including the 2018 Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC) for best travel column/blog. She is the founder and first president of the Wine Writers Circle of Canada, and a founder and past executive of the Travel Media Association of Canada. There is so much more! You can read all her accolades at In 2019, Margaret took time from her busy schedule to eat, stay, tour and play here and write about her experience.


Thank you to all our readers for your support and love of our magazine!

Our Mission Statement is very simple. We want to showcase what makes the Kawarthas the best destination year round and an amazingly delicious place to Live, Work & Play.  We have SO many interesting people here! We tell you their stories. 

Enjoy the magazine, and come see what all the fuss is about!


Karen Irvine

Editor in Chief

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Jay Cooper

Graphics Designer & Feature Interviewer

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Chef Brian Henry

Food Editor


Food Tour


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