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Full deck Dusk shot(1).jpg

by Vikki Griffin
Griffins Greenhouses

Black rattan lamp & black rattan floor lights, Lighting Interiors and More (705) 742-8877
Sofa set, fairy lights, upper lighting, palm tree, deck stain & planter, Canadian Tire, Peterborough (705)742-0406
Plants, Griffins Greenhouses (705) 652-8638
Guitar charcuterie board, Glory Days Home (Omemee, shop by appt only) (416) 276-9088
Skull lights are DIY Crystal Head Vodka bottles augmented with fairy lights


People spend a lot of time on their decks. However, with time, they get damaged or worn out. Revitalizing your deck space can give your home a facelift.  Here are some creative ideas to help make it happen. Because money is tight this year, we did this deck refresh on a budget.  Obviously, it needed lots of love. Total cost was under $1,000.

1. Clean your deck:  To remove dirt and debris that have accumulated over time, you can power wash. Allow the deck to dry for 2-3  days before applying stain or sealant. We chose deck paint from Canadian Tire in a light colour so your feet don't burn!


















2. Add greenery: Giving colour and freshness, potted plants will give your deck a natural touch and create a more relaxing atmosphere. We added mosquito-repelling plants to take the ‘sting’ out. Plants & watering can used in the deck refresh were supplied by Griffin’s Greenhouses. Vikki mapped out the perfect design. Planters are from Canadian Tire (Peterborough).


White Stream Lobularia, White Sunpatients & Blue Sky Lobelia.
Superbena Dark Blue Verbena, Dahlia & White Stream Lobularia
Lavender, Citronella, Lemon Balm and Marigolds & Lemongrass
Side planter
Kim Queen Fern

















3. Add lighting: Create a soft ambience at night. Lighting up your deck will not only add to its appeal but will also provide an excellent backdrop for gatherings and events. Lights were from Canadian Tire and Lighting Interiors and More.































4. Incorporate outdoor furniture: Comfortable and stylish outdoor furniture is essential in creating a space that you can enjoy. Choose from lounge chairs, dining sets and benches. Select furniture that will withstand harsh weather conditions and can be maintained easily. Rattan couch is from Canadian Tire where you will get the most bang for your buck.
















5. Bring in textures and layers to add instant cozyness. Throws and pillows are from Giant Tiger.

6. Add some music!  Don't forget your Blue Tooth speaker! Music helps keep the memories.
















By following these ideas, you can transform your deck into a beautiful and functional space. You can also use your creativity to develop unique ideas that work for your specific needs and style. Since the owner of this deck is a musician, we chose to embrace what he loves to do best.

Deck with Hot Tub before.jpg
Deck with Hot Tub looking to BBQ Before.jpg
planter box and couch day.jpg
Palm tree and table at Night.jpg
Table and deck box with fence lights.jpg
Table wide shot Night.jpg
Chesse board and table Dusk.jpg
Guitars on Couch.jpg
E IMG_5278.jpg
planter box and couch day.jpg
planter day.jpg
marshall bluetooth and skull.jpg
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