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by Nichole Cooke
Organized by Design

This is the time of year when we get back into routines after the busy summer. We tend to relax and enjoy the last few days of warm weather. However, autumn can be a tricky season. Some days can feel warmer than July, but the next can see early snow flurries! Don’t let the warm days lull you into a false sense of security that you have lots of time to prepare for winter. Take 1 or 2 days to do your winter preparation so that you don’t get caught racing with the Mother Nature!

Here are some common tasks to be completed in the fall. Use this checklist to make sure you are ready to welcome the snow and the busy Christmas season!


☐ Switch out summer clothes for winter – Store off-season clothing under beds, if possible.
☐ Put away pool/yard toys - Be sure to clean and dry them first to help prolong their life.
☐ Switch out garden tools for snow shovels and brushes – Off-season items should not be stored in “prime real estate”.
☐ Clean out gardens – You will thank me in the spring, trust me!!
☐ Screen compost and put in bins – This will be perfect for early planting in the spring.
☐ Switch out lawnmower for snowblower – Build a 2-level stand to store one on top and one on the bottom!
☐ Ensure items needed this winter will be accessible. Don’t let things get trapped in the shed behindthree feet of snow blocking the door.
☐ Bring outdoor plants in – Be sure to check for spiders!
☐ Book appointment to install winter tires – Don’t wait until the first snowfall!
☐ Book appointment for vehicle undercoating – Same as above.
☐ Winterize outdoor equipment – Remove or stabilize fuel in lawnmower, weed whacker, chainsaw.
☐ Put up outdoor Christmas lights – Much easier now in the warmer weather than during a snowstorm!
☐ Sell or donate items you did not use this summer – Outdoor toys, lawn furniture, clothing, etc.

Now that the work is done you can treat yourself to a warm pumpkin spice drink! If you need help
getting through this list, just give me a call!

Happy Organizing!

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